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Visit Ankara

Once you decide to come to our clinic for treatment, keep in mind that we won’t just take a good care of your dental problems. It will also be a nice travel to remember. 
Is Ankara safe?
Ankara: is it worth visiting?

First things first, if you are wondering how safe is it to travel to Turkey in 2019, the UK Foreign Office says that the country is

‘generally safe’ as it starts to rebuild its tourism sector. See the details in this article. 


It is not your typical Turkish resort location, but it’s the second largest city in Turkey with many interesting and educative sights worth visiting, especially for tourists interested in history.

Most visitors call Ankara “lively” and “pleasant” place with some really good restaurants.


Ankara is centrally located, which makes it easy to visit other parts of Central Anatolia. 

Your visit to Akadentia 

Airport Pick-up

We will make sure that you have a safe trip from the airport to your hotel room.


Our driver will be waiting for you

at the airport with a sign with Akadentia logo and your name and last name.


We will send you the driver’s mobile number and our numbers, which you can call at any time of the day and night. 


The hotel that we made an agreement with is the 4-star

Ankara Plaza Hotel. 


It is located in a good proximity to the clinic, but at the same time, in a very lively while safe neighborhood, where you’ll never be bored. 


The hotel is located at Tunalı Hilmi street, full of stores, cafes and restaurants, and is a fun place to be during the day.


It is also quite a lively nightlife location. 


You’ll find all the major brands on this street. 

What to do in Ankara

See Things to do in Ankara, according to Tripadvisor 

Attractions in Ankara, according to the Lonely Planet guide. 

Outside of Ankara

Here are a few recommendations of places to visit right outside of Ankara: 

  • Konya, Seljuk capital and home of Mevlana Rumi and his whirling dervishes; 

  • Çatalhöyük, the oldest known fortified city on Earth; 

  • Gordion, Phrygian capital (King Midas, Gordian knot), also the furthest point of Greek invasion);

  • Eskişehir, a very nice and green city about 1,5 hours away by fast train, with a river and Venetian gondolas and beautiful bridges;

  • Cappadocia with ancient cave structures and hot air balloons  

  • Safranbolu

  • Beypazarı

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